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This page details the relationship between Brick Hill Trade, 'the site', and you.


Cookies are small pieces of information stored temporarily on your computer by websites you visit. Cookies cannot be used to view or collect any details about your computer or Internet usage nor can one website access anothers cookies.

When browsing the site, the site uses a third party (Cloudflare) cookie to identify your computer and grant you access to the site.

If you create or log in to an account on the site, the site uses another cookie to link your computer with your account and keep you logged in.

Account Data

When creating an account on the site, you share with us non-personal information - this is limited to your Brick Hill username, a password of your choosing (which is hashed) and your IP address.

This information is stored in a secure database, accessible only by the webserver administrator, and not shared with any third parties.


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